A bit of an intense start – Abortion Rights

I’ve got a bit of a heavy topic to start off with, and I promise not all of my future posts will be this intense 🙂

Was just driving back to my house with my mum when the topic of abortion came up as we were going past the old catholic girls’ home. Mum seemed to think that because I am a “greenie” that I would be anti-abortion (and yes, I am a member of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand).

Mum didn’t seem to understand that while I don’t agree with some of the reasons people have abortions, I am still pro-choice.  Because I am a “greenie”, apparently I want to preserve all life, even if it is still in the womb, and (I believe) not technically a full-fledged life until it is actually born.  It is the fact that I believe we should have a choice whether we carry a pregnancy to full term, and that if we do not want to, for whatever reason, we have the choice to terminate that pregnancy.  I may not agree with you using abortion as a form of contraception (and lets face it, accidents do happen anyway, even if you are using condoms etc, they’re not fail proof), but I completely agree that you should have the choice to do so.  It’s a human right to choose what we do with our bodies and we should not be forced to conform or be dictated to by the beliefs of others.

If the legal choice is taken away, all it’s going to result in is people going back to back alley/underground abortions.  This creates undue risk for the mother and unfairly prosecutes the medical practitioners that are performing a service that should be legal anyway.  There’s always going to be a need for abortion, that need is not going to go away, no matter what pro-lifers think.

Interestingly, as the conversation progressed, I found that Mum was probably more pro-choice than anti-abortion, even if she wasn’t really willing to admit to it.  She does believe that in cases where carrying a pregnancy to full term is going to endanger the life of the mother, then the mother is perfectly entitled to get an abortion.  She felt the same way about rape or if the life of the baby was going to be severely impaired after birth (due to birth defects etc).  But she did say that, according to her, most fetuses would self-abort if they weren’t strong enough to survive or too much stress was placed on the mother’s body by the pregnancy.  I don’t know the statistics with regards to this, if there are any, so I will reserve my skeptical judgment.

Are my pro-choice beliefs in contradiction with my political alignment?  I don’t think so, considering when The Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand launched in 1972 as The Values Party, they “[…] promoted reform of laws covering abortion, drugs and homosexuality”.  Under Reproductive Health in their Women’s Policy it states:

Cl 26. Review abortion services to ensure equity of access for women throughout New Zealand.

This shows to me that they are clearly pro-choice and I will proudly show my feminism by continuing to be pro-choice, as I wholeheartedly agree that we must be given the chance to choose.

Images: Abortion Law Reform Association New Zealand Inc. (ALRANZ)

19 thoughts on “A bit of an intense start – Abortion Rights

  1. That is indeed an intense start – but very awesome! Great to have another kiwi blogging 🙂

    xx Dee

      • It does? *beams*

        I made the mistake of reading the Herald’s ‘Your Views’ section about the proposed changes to the Abortion Reform Bill ther other day. Yikes – there are some very anti-choice folks out there! Am pro-choice myself, and have thought long and hard about what my own choice would be, if it ever came to that.

        xx Dee

      • it most certainly does 😀 i’ve been a follower of your blog for quite a while now

        i know what you mean about those anti-abortion ppl out there… every once and a while in The Press you get this random letter to the editor from someone who manages to link any subject to “someone save the children in the wombs!!” This morning it was whaling and how if Peter Bethune put as much effort into being pro-life as he did into saving the whales, imagine how many “lives” would be saved

  2. Welcome to the web 🙂 … nothing much to disagree with. Fully pro-choice myself, even if I believe under ideal circumstances an abortion should never have to become a consideration.

    Will add this to our reader feed, so now we expect you to keep writing! 😉

      • I am sure if I delve deep enough into your beliefs I’d find something to disagree with sooner or later 😉

        But seriously, I don’t disagree with your pro-choice views.

      • Good to know 🙂 & of course we can’t have the same views about everything, that would make the world very boring!!

        Will do my best to comment on her posts 🙂 can’t really get all antsy about ppl not commenting on my blog if I don’t comment on theirs 😛

  3. Hey,
    That is an intense start, but also very true. No matter what anybody’s personal beliefs towards abortion, it is still every persons right to choose.
    I love children, but I would never be able to raise one right, so why would I torment myself and the child? It wouldn’t be fair to me, the child and society if I were to have children.
    I’m glad that we, at this time, have the choice and none of us should judge another person’s choice. It is a personal one, and only that person can decide if it’s the right choice for her.
    But I do agree with your statement about it being a bad form of contraceptive. It should be the last resort, not something to be done on a whim!


    • Exactly, we all deserve the right to choose, and while i don’t think i personally would be to go through with an abortion, that doesn’t give me the right to enforce that on others

  4. Hey! Excellent start- I wholeheartedly agree with your views. We all deserve the right to choose but lets face it, condoms are cheaper than an abortion. Slap on a rubber and don’t worry later! Brilliant start.

    xx MM

  5. I believe in a woman’s right to choose, but I will go a step further. I believe she should agree to some sort of contraceptive device to be allowed to have one. It should be a choice, but I do not agree with those who use it as a form of birth control.

  6. You are off to a Rocking start, way better than anything I’ve ever written. Im so glad you wrote about abortion too – been looking for more blogs discussing abortion for one of my weekend reading posts, so once I’ve found enough other quality blogs this post will be in that addition.

    I consider my self to be a ‘greenie’ (maybe not the same political party, but similar morals etc) but have never thought being a greenie meant you had to be ‘Anti Choice’ (I refuse to use that pro term as it isnt a true interpretation of that groups ideology or agenda)

    My ‘Greenie’ style Morals in fact kind of make me pro choice, because we all do deserve a choice no matter what that choice is in regards to.

    I don’t agree with abortion being used as a form of birth control – I say that as its not really contraception is it? – but think with better education, both during regular sex ed and post termination could help to curb those who are doing so. As surely taking the pill, getting a shot or using a condom are far easier less expensive & physically damaging than having an abortion, be it chemical or surgical.

    I need to learn when to shut up. I loved you before you had a blog, love you even more now
    xox v

    • Awww *blushes* I don’t know what to say

      It means so much to me that you would say that 😀

      Abortion is definitely a subject that needs to be talked about, just like sex education in general, so people are armed with the correct information, so they can make a truly informed decision about which action to take with regards to sex

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