Really Andy Haden? Really?

After managing to generate a reasonable amount of anger in rugby circles back in May 2010, Andy Haden is back at it again.

Apparently not content to kept his personal opinions to himself after the “darkie” quota comment with regards to Canterbury rugby, Haden is now saying:

“There’s a bloke called Hugh Grant. He got into a bit of trouble like this and I think if the cheque bounces sometimes, they only realise that they’ve been raped, you know, sometimes.

“It’s an equal society now, some of these girls are targeting rugby players and targeting sportsmen and they do so at their peril today, I think.”

These comments not only insult victims of rape, it also insults the rugby players.  It would seem that Haden thinks rugby players are sex-crazed fiends, unable to control their actions when they come into contact with women and not responsible for their actions.  Women should know better than to hang around these men.

No one asks to be raped, no one.  Comments like this are just victim-blaming.  I find blue milk’s post “But why shouldn’t she take some responsibility too for the rape?” relevant here.

Haden saying that the only reason they are saying they are raped is because they regret what happened the next morning or because they didn’t get the hush money they expected, only adds insult to injury.

There is absolutely no way Haden can remain New Zealand’s ambassador for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.  He is bringing New Zealand’s reputation into disrepute and shame to other New Zealanders.

UPDATE: Haden has now been fired as Rugby Ambassador

2 thoughts on “Really Andy Haden? Really?

  1. Haden may be correct in that *some* people will claim they are raped when the next day, when they regret what they did the next day, but no one has explained what he meant by “they do so at their peril today”.

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