I’m totally into knitting right now!! & it’s so totally sitting for creative people!! This comic has gotten me so excited!!

It’s a pity I’ve had to put my current knitting on hold for a couple of days, seems I’ve been over doing it and my right shoulder has started to complain.  I’ll be sure to post pics of the completed handwarmers with matching scarf once they are finished 🙂

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LGBTQ Violence

Stories like this make me wish I could something, anything!

From Gay Rights:
The Worst Fears About LGBT Violence in Uganda May Be Coming True
“There has been a lot of focus on Uganda over the past year, as the country debates an anti-homosexuality law, orchestrated in large part by a strong American evangelical presence in the country, that would institute the death penalty or life imprisonment sentences for Uganda’s LGBT population. Among human rights activists, the concern all along has been that rampant homophobia in Uganda, fueled by radical religious elements, would lead to wanton violence against Uganda’s LGBT population, as well as straight allies.

Unfortunately, those fears may be coming true. Over the weekend, the body of a volunteer with Integrity Uganda, a pro-LGBT organization, was found in a pit latrine. The body was beheaded, and comes amidst news that a priest who delivered a sermon in support of LGBT people has also gone missing.”

This situation just seems to be getting worse and worse. Most likely the US church that is stirring up this hatred think they’re doing “God’s work”. What clueless assholes.

It just makes me so sad 😦 We are all part of creation, gay/straight, black/white, young/old… we are all supposed to be here

h/t Radical Vixen Questions & Answers Part 1 NSFW

Weekly roundup of questions that I have been asked through

Question: Is there a Taboo play you would never consider participating in under any circumstance?

Answer: scat play, poop really doesn’t do anything for me… can’t think of anything else I wouldn’t try though

Question: If you could do anyone, who would you do and why???

Answer: that’s giving me waaaaay too many choices…. I can’t choose with so many choices!!

Question: Why are you such a stuck up bitch?

Answer: why are you afraid to show me who you actually are? if you’re going to insult someone, at least have the balls to show your face

Question: why didn’t you answer the question? its because im too afraid to stand up to you because you scare me.

Answer: i need evidence of me being “stuck-up” before i can answer the question…. that you’re scared of me is more than a little messed up…I don’t know of anyone irl who’s scared of me, they have no reason to be

Ask me absolutely anything, i mean anything 😛

Being all activist like

I’m on fire lately, what with following up my Green Party membership renewal last week with actually becoming a member of Amnesty International (previously only a donator, not a member), purchasing some Green Party merchandise, some RNZSPCA merchandise (I’m already a member), a Paw Justice t-shirt and my annual Women’s Refuge donation.

I even sent an email to Amnesty International in hope that they will have internships in my area when they do their intake for 2011 (their intake for 2010 has already closed).  Human Rights is definitely the line of work I want to get into once I have completed my law degree and hopefully I’ll be able to use that to better the rights of the LGBTQ community and others.

Gotta help those less fortunate than ourselves, otherwise no one would ever get any help (there’s always someone better off and worse off than you).  If you have a voice, you need to use it, whatever way you can.