I’m totally into knitting right now!! & it’s so totally sitting for creative people!! This comic has gotten me so excited!!

It’s a pity I’ve had to put my current knitting on hold for a couple of days, seems I’ve been over doing it and my right shoulder has started to complain.  I’ll be sure to post pics of the completed handwarmers with matching scarf once they are finished 🙂

Make sure you click on the image to be directed to this most awesome comic!!

6 thoughts on “Knitting!!

  1. Awww, you too? I’m knitting a huge scarf for Arthur and my shoulder is seriously sore. I’ve discovered there is not much more embarrassing than telling your physio that you have a crafting injury.

    The comic is pretty cool, ta for the link!

  2. I luurrvvee knitting. I’m currently trying to knit a sock and it’s not going so well. But I find it very therapeutic. When I had my first proper break up I knitted a whole patchwork blanket and it really helped.


    • i completely agree!! having a creative outlet is so very therapeutic

      i think i’ll stick with knitting scarves & handwarmers at the moment, socks seem a bit beyond me right now… thgh i do want to try knitting a hat

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