LGBTQ Violence

Stories like this make me wish I could something, anything!

From Gay Rights:
The Worst Fears About LGBT Violence in Uganda May Be Coming True
“There has been a lot of focus on Uganda over the past year, as the country debates an anti-homosexuality law, orchestrated in large part by a strong American evangelical presence in the country, that would institute the death penalty or life imprisonment sentences for Uganda’s LGBT population. Among human rights activists, the concern all along has been that rampant homophobia in Uganda, fueled by radical religious elements, would lead to wanton violence against Uganda’s LGBT population, as well as straight allies.

Unfortunately, those fears may be coming true. Over the weekend, the body of a volunteer with Integrity Uganda, a pro-LGBT organization, was found in a pit latrine. The body was beheaded, and comes amidst news that a priest who delivered a sermon in support of LGBT people has also gone missing.”

This situation just seems to be getting worse and worse. Most likely the US church that is stirring up this hatred think they’re doing “God’s work”. What clueless assholes.

It just makes me so sad 😦 We are all part of creation, gay/straight, black/white, young/old… we are all supposed to be here

h/t Radical Vixen

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