&… go!!

I know it has been ages (!!) since I last posted.

We moved house, then it was end of term at uni.  During this time I’ve been having some health issues and started on some stronger antidepressants.  Having concluded that I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), I have started on a vegetarian diet.  Everything seems to slowly be getting better, and because my body isn’t processing everything so fast now, the antidepressants seem to be doing a better job as well.  Well they were, until my period started on Thursday.  I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), so periods really aren’t a fun time for me.

Oh, and last Saturday we had a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. We were very lucky with no damage or injuries, which meant when we heard about and saw the massive damage in other places throughout the city, it was a huge shock.  Still getting aftershocks, which could go in for weeks, but they are getting less and less frequent.

Because of the earthquake, the university had to close.  This means some how they are going to have to fit six weeks of lectures into four.  So I’m probably not going to be able to post much until the term and exams are finished near the end of October.

So now you’re all updated đŸ™‚ I will try to do some more posts in the coming week before uni opens again and the learning commences.

Bright blessings

xx ~Fae

One thought on “&… go!!

  1. Oh jeez- I’m sorry about what’s happened; when I was younger I experienced symptoms similar to depression and anxiety however I never sought help for some stupid reason. I’d gotten bullied a lot and once that stopped, I found little pieces of my shattered soul coming back together-go figure. My uncle has IBS and my aunty had complications in her ovaries before she had a hysterectomy. Glad you’re taking measures to manage it however- some people don’t give a fuck and are like ‘Whoops! Looks like I’ll need surgery now!”
    Glad your house wasn’t too damaged in the earthquake also. Hope your exams go well!!!!

    xx MM

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