Questions & Answers Part 3

A roundup of the latest questions that I have been asked through

Question: Hey sweetie, the stupid twunt who is spouting shit, obviously is talking out their arse! How are you gorgeous? x

Answer: aww thank you sweetheart xx i’m doing pretty good 🙂 just looking for a civil union celebrant for our handfasting 🙂

Question: Many of your tweets focus on, or around, sex workers. Is this a personal issue for you?

Answer: i’m just supportive of sex workers rights 🙂 as well as women’s rights and queer rights

Question: What’s the best position you have been caught in?

Answer: only been caught once, and it was in missionary…still had my pants around my ankles 😛 one of my only two one night stands

Question: What’s the best homemade dildo you have used? (Mine was a condom covered tin of deodorant)

Answer: mine was a roll-on deodorant 🙂 with the cap on of course. the rounded top made it easy for penetration

Question: If there was one thing you could do over again, what would it be and why?

Answer: i wouldn’t want to do anything continually over and over again…everything in moderation

Question: Fav workouts?

Answer: don’t have one

Question: Fav night wear?

Answer: what i wore to our engagement party 🙂 grey leopard print tights, black & red rose print frilly skirt with a black tendrilly dress over the top and a yellow 3/4 cardie 🙂 oh with my white docs of course

Question: Fav cartoon as a child?

Answer: care bears and my little pony!!

Question: Choose one. Lick, suck or bite?

Answer: bite

Question: First impression of me? Has it changed now? Am I a bitch or a friend?

Answer: you’re totally a friend 🙂 always thght you were a cool chick and i still do now

Question: Do you like being watched?

Answer: oh yes i most certainly do 😀

Question: You’ve accepted a job as a researcher on a remote island with no access to the comforts of home. No TV, Radio, Internet. The company will deliver an unlimited amount of any one drink and any one food item to your island weekly. What do you have delivered

Answer: revive vitamin water and vanilla cupcakes 🙂

Question: What is your favorite holiday? What is the best memory you have of that holiday?

Answer: visiting J’s parents for the first time, the whole family made me feel so welcome 😀

Ask me absolutely anything, i mean anything 😛

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