Revamp and rethink

Gonna have to go through my Google Reader tomorrow and cull the list of blogs I follow.

I follow so many, I get over 1000 new posts to read per day and I end up scrolling past the vast majority of them. I need to give the whole thing a revamp and re-categorization.

Once I do this, then hopefully I’ll be able to get refocused on my own blog posts, instead of being somewhat overwhelmed by the whole thing.

I also think I’m going to start treating this more like a diary, a somewhat public diary, but still a diary.

I have found through the posts that I’ve done so far that I can think through things more easily and actually come to proper conclusions while not getting stuck and hung up on silly points.

So, let’s get this blog back on track and hopefully generate some more activism posts at the same time 🙂

4 thoughts on “Revamp and rethink

  1. Three posts in one day? You’re a loon! (in a good way)

    Which totally reminds me that I should do some writing for mine too. Along with responses to your other two posts… but that can wait for a slightly more reasonable hour.

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