All Shiny & New

As I said I was going to do on Friday, yesterday I went through my Google Reader and got rid of some old subscriptions. I also tided up my Blog Roll, adding some new links, taking some now irrelevant ones away and re-categorizing. So now it will be much easier for you dear Readers to find similarly related blogs, with separate pages for each category. Everything I subscribe to through Google Reader is now on the Blog Roll, save for some news sites.

There’s still an awful lot of subscriptions in my Google Reader. I may have to be more drastic in the culling. I suppose I’m a bit of a hoarder in that respect. Once I go through and re-tag everything into folders, I may try to be more ruthless.

EDIT: I have now added the most recent posts and comments to the bar on the right to help make it easier for you to navigate the site. I have also reduced the number of links you see for each Blog Roll category. To see all of the links, hover over Blog Roll at the top of the page.

2 thoughts on “All Shiny & New

  1. i actively cull my twitter/reader lists. Too much information is a bad thing. I’ve narrowed my blog reading down to folks I find interesting on twitter but want to hear just a bit more from. 🙂 Everything else is noise.

    • too much info is definitely a bad thing I agree. I just end up scrolling past everything without actually reading or taking anything in. I must end up missing some awesome stuff because of this!!

      I really should cull both my twitter lists as well….I go through phases with regards to what I’m interested in, and I don’t feel that my SpiritedFae twitter account in particular reflects my current interests.

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