Potential Pitfalls of an Unconventional Relationship

I know I have really done many, if any, posts regarding my interest in BDSM or polyamory.

This first post regarding polyamory is written by Sylvanus of At Longing’s End about his open marriage with Mina.

Sometimes I swear Mina and I are the same person… I identify with her so closely. The same can be said for the way I feel about Violet.

Anyway, Sylvanus’s post about polyamory is exactly the way J and I feel about someone who we would invite to share in our relationship.

The second post is about D/s relationships. I wish I had read something like this years ago, then maybe I wouldn’t have been naive enough to think that there was no need for a safe word, because “I trust him so much and he would never do anything to me that I didn’t want”. After I was at the receiving end of anal rape, I knew this was not the case. Because of this incident, I felt it was vital for me to share Sylvanus’s post with you all.

You don’t always have to learn from your own mistakes, sometimes it’s more than wise to learn from the mistakes and advice of others.

10 thoughts on “Potential Pitfalls of an Unconventional Relationship

  1. “On the other hand, human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.”

    — Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine, “Last chance to see”

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  3. you are just such a sweetheart. Maybe we should get together and write about ‘the permission slip’ if you get what I mean. It’s an important issue in regards to both polyamory and friendship.

    thank you for your kind comments tonight too, love you loads ❤

    • we totally should!! i don’t think i’ve come across any other posts on that topic, and it is rather important

      i hope things are going better for you today xx loves you!!

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words. I never know how something like that will be received, but I am always glad to hear it resonated well with someone. It does make me shudder to see the dark chapter of your life it turned you back to, but I am glad to see your life has moved on to a better place now.

    Thanks, again, and best wishes to you.


    • fortunately because i’ve moved on to a better place in my life, i can deal with what happened. the worse thing about it really was that he didn’t even realise what he had done until i spoke to him about it near the end of last year.

      i always look forward to reading posts by both you and Mina 🙂

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