Lonely New Zealand Sex Toy Reviewer

As I mentioned near the end of November last year, I joined the Eden Ambassadors Program at Eden Fantasys. You can see my first, and only, review on the awesome Fairy Rechargable Wand Massager here.

It will be my only review here for Eden Fantasys because shortly after I did it, Eden Fantasys changed their Ambassadors Program. You can no longer get products for free in return for a review. Being the poor student that I am, that puts a bit of a dampner on my plans of becoming a fantastic sex toy reviewer. Eden Fantasys was the only site that I’ve come across that would send products to New Zealand. As far as I’m aware, everyone else requires you to pay for the product and shipping, and with the New Zealand Dollar the way it is against virtually every other country in the world, it’s just really not a go’er.

So here ends my incredibly short relationship with Eden Fantasys. If any of you out there know of any companies that want a New Zealand reviewer, expand their customer base throughout the world maybe, please, let me know πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Lonely New Zealand Sex Toy Reviewer

  1. Hi Fae,

    I have been successfully receiving products for review from both Fascinations and Tabu Toys (there are banners in my side-bar). Neither have a problem sending to New Zealand. Lelo have also sent me a few toys, as have FetishHome.

    Hope this helps!

    xx Dee

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