Prostitution in Auckland Goes Back in Time

Auckland Council has voted 11-7 in support of a bill initiated by the now defunct Manukau City Council which will effectively ban prostitution in
Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand. There are approximately 1 million people living in Auckland, that’s about a quarter of New Zealand’s population.

This bill will make street prostitution illegal:

The purpose of the Bill is to authorise the Manukau City Council to make bylaws prohibiting the business of prostitution or commercial sexual services in specified public places in Manukau City. The business of prostitution in private premises carried on in accordance with the provisions of the Prostitution Reform Act 2003 will not be affected.

One councillor against the proposed bill, Cathy Casey, reminded the public that the Manukau City Council had already passed a by-law outlawing “owner-operated small brothels in its area – a departure from the [Prostitution Reform Act 2003] – which forced prostitutes on to the street”. It was this first by-law which has now created the perceived street walker problem.

This new proposed bill will only lead to sex workers being unfairly targeted by the police, removing the protection that was the purpose of the Prostitution Reform Act 2003 and forcing sex work underground.

Where does the government, local or national, get off policing the way people conduct themselves in the privacy of their own bedrooms? As long as everything is consensual and everyone is of age then what’s the problem? If you’re good at something, get paid for it! That goes for sex too.

h/t No Right Turn

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