Another Addition to my Rebellion Against “The Man”

Got my lip pierced today 🙂 It’s an early birthday present from J.

Just another one part of my fight to be individual and to stand out from the crowd. Like my tattoo I got nearly a year ago:

I know my Mum will hate the piercing, just like she doesn’t really like my tattoo, apart from the colours I had it done in, because they make it more subtle.

Next on my list is another tattoo on my left arm in this design:

This is the word “Spirit” converted into Long Branch Runes. A tribute to my Viking roots.

Another tattoo I am wanting to get is the Tree of Life in the top centre of my back with the Triple Crescent above it in tribute to Goddess Brigid (also known as St Brigid):

The back tattoo at least is a little out of range of my budget at the moment… donations gratefully accepted 😛

4 thoughts on “Another Addition to my Rebellion Against “The Man”

  1. I think i’ve seen it before, but I really like your tattoo! (the one you got a year ago). It looks very nice 😀
    and that piercing looks a bit painful xP

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