Is This Fat Joke as Unfunny to You as it is to Me?

I received this email forward today from an immediate family member (I won’t tell you which one) and I’m not sure what to make of it…. (click to embiggen)

…if anything I feel kind of insulted… (which I have emailed in reply to the person in question).

Normally I can take a fat joke and even find them funny, unless it plays into the stereotype that fat people are ugly and slobs, but this one really is just falling flat with me.

Am I just being overly sensitive?

11 thoughts on “Is This Fat Joke as Unfunny to You as it is to Me?

  1. In light of your own perceptions, it’s understandable if you found this humour to be offensive. You may have simply interpreted the joke as being stereotypically ill-mannered which would obviously rub against the grain of your views of positive body image and fat acceptance.

    I personally didn’t find the job offensive because of two things:
    1) I would find it more offensive that it was an email forward. I just don’t like email forwards 😛
    2) I found the use of puns as amusing. Literal interpretations (such as slogans on shampoo bottles) taken by your average lay person (the base of many ‘blonde’ jokes) through the use of play on words make me giggle.


  2. Fair enough.
    The fact that the word ‘problem’ is in that last sentence is a source of negative connotation. Coupled with the person who sent it to you, I think you’re justified in feeling insulted by it.

    But let’s not dwell on this too much 🙂

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  4. I simply just don’t find it funny at all. Not because of it being offensive, lets just say it’s simply a joke. It didn’t make me chuckle at all.

  5. I can kinda see where it could be funny, but in a Cathy-esque way. As in not that funny.

    I could maybe see it as part of a stand-up routine where the comedian was making fun of him/herself, but doesn’t work in web/print form.

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