Unscheduled Break Due to Christchurch Earthquake

J and I are safe, as are our families.

The results from this latest earthquake is nothing compared to the 7.1 quake in September 2010, even though it was only 6.3.  This quake was a lot closer to the city and a lot shallower, and has been fatal.

Personally we were very lucky again with the amount of damage, with only one ornament breaking.  My younger sister’s house faired worse off with lots of things broken and the surrounding area covered in liquefaction.

We are so lucky, with so many families having lost loved ones. The current reported death toll is 75, with a further 300 people missing and unaccounted for.

I will be taking a short break from posting while I try to get my head around this whole incident. I just feel numb and it’s all very surreal.

Please, if you can, go to New Zealand Red Cross or phone +64 4 471 8250 to make a donation.

Update: Due to the Red Cross site being overloaded, donations can also be made through Fundraise Online

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