Back in Action – & Love is Still Love

In a follow-up to my last post, I bring you the following image:

Why does gender matter in marriage to so many people who actually aren’t at all involved in the coupling in question? We are all human after all, that should be all that matters. Love is love.

J and I have now moved house and got the internet back up and running today. Would have been sooner, but we worked out today that it would seem that the old modem was a casualty of the earthquake (my Wii Fit board fell on it). Most of the unpacking is done (w00t!), though this is only really due to uni being closed due to the Christchurch earthquake. It may be three weeks before J gets back to doing his PhD work. Undergraduates (ie me) will hopefully be getting a restart schedule this coming Monday. To get some sense of normality back will be fantastic!!

Anyways, so I’m back 🙂 I must be honest, and say I am somewhat disappointed that I didn’t get any messages from any of you in my time away…

I should head to bed… getting tired and sorry for myself…

h/t FuckYeahBisexuals

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