Appropriate Punishment? I Don’t Think So

Police Minister Judith Collins said the actions of looters was akin to “people who rob the dead”.

She expected to see the judiciary throw the book at looters.

“I hope they go to jail for a long time – with a cellmate.”

NZ Herald

Now Collins would probably deny it, but it certainly seems like she’s condoning prison rape with that statement.

Yes looting is a horrible thing that takes advantage of the misfortune of others, as are the numerous scams that are sprouting up to take advantage of people’s generousity for others during this hard time, but no one ever deserves to be raped, no matter what they have done in the past. It concerns me that our Minister of Police doesn’t seem to feel the same way, and even more worryingly, I’m afraid a number of the 27,000 plus people who had signed up on Facebook for “Public Humiliation for the Looters of the 22/2/2011 Earthquake” may agree with her (looks like the page has now been removed).

h/t The Dim-Post

UPDATE: Seems that Idiot/Savant at No Right Turn agrees with me.

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