The Pervocracy’s Gender Smörgåsbord

Slowly catching up on all the fantastic blogs I follow… again… I do seem to get backlogged an awful lot…

Anyway, The Pervocracy has come up with an excellent analogy for the way things ideally should be with regards to gender:

Imagine a big table with tons of dishes laid out. Some of them are physical traits, some of them are psychological. There’s everything here from “big biceps” to “played with dolls as a child.” And there are all traits here, not just things you’d associate with gender–this is a table of traits, not of mixed up boy things and girl things. “Brown hair” and “likes classical music” are on there too.

Go ahead, load up your plate. Load it with anything.

And the really important thing here is that the dishes are not paired off. “Chest hair” and “breasts” are not a dichotomy. You can get one, both, or neither. Ditto “watches pro wrestling” and “sews prom dresses.” Certainly some dishes are popularly eaten together–“penis” and “testicles” is a perennial favorite combo, and “penis” and “likes racecars” do seem to have some mysterious association–but they’re not locked together. It’s possible and acceptable to have one and not the other. Then again, anything that’s possible is acceptable. And any combination is possible.

You can read the rest of the post here.

It certainly does provide a lot of food for thought (pun not intended), especially when you read it in conjunction with A Child Called X which I first blogged about here.

You can see how society has developed two prix fixe menus, one for each gender/sex. If you are to choose something which is not from your “correct” menu, society has programed others to harshly judge you, sometimes violently. I long for the day where society doesn’t have a problem with change and difference, and we really are all individuals and accepted as so. When we are no longer forced into little boxes and are allowed to show pride in our differences and not fear reprisal.

h/t The Pervocracy

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