3 thoughts on “Crazy Words

  1. I really am two minds about this topic.

    On the one hand, I agree that a tactless choice of words is less than ideal. Calling someone a ‘faggot’ can be very tasteless. Insults and bullying are just wrong.

    However, in this post you summarised the post by saying “Fuck, it’s just a bunch of letters and sounds people!!”

    I’m not trolling, I promise. It’s an issue I’ve thought about for years. Do we go on a crusade against ‘bad’ words? Common words are being targeted as ‘wrong’. (I mean this post and this one.

    Do we have to censor and change parts of language so nobody gets insulted? If someone uses the word ‘lame’, are they really making an insult against someone without proper use of one or both legs? I don’t think the thought is even crossing their mind. Many words we use for things we disapprove of were once used for the mentally and/or physically disabled. “This is stupid”, “X is an idiot”, “What a moron”. Our language is full of such words. Wouldn’t a better approach be to own these words and turn them positive? (That’s been done with ‘queer’)

    So in the end, isn’t it more about intent than it is about the words and sounds? (Serious discussion. No trolling, I promise)

    • I understand where you’re coming from, and you put far too much thought into that comment to be a troll 😛 when it comes to the words we use in everyday conversation, it’s about intent more than anything else and it’s the same when it comes to our actions

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