Tattoo Tribute

Today J and I got tattoos in remembrance of the fatal Christchurch earthquake on 22 February 2011 thanks to Jason Nalder at Epic Ink.

This is my second tattoo.

Kia Kaha is Māori and translates to “Forever Strong”

J’s tattoo is his first, and I get the feeling that he has now caught the tattoo bug 😛

Half of the costs go to Inked for Christchurch, with these funds going to “Tattoo Artists affected by the Quake to help them rebuild shops, help their families etc,” as well as contributing to funeral costs for Matti Makeekan, an artist who lost his life in the earthquake. Matti was an apprentice at Southern Ink, which is where I got my first tattoo. I never met Matti, but so many people I know did, and he certainly touched their lives.

Kia Kaha everyone, and Bright Blessings.

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