I put myself out there, some fucked up shit happens, and I end up right back where I started, or worse.

I’m seemingly the only constant here, the fucked up shittyness varies.

I don’t know why I bother when people constantly seem to get the wrong idea about what I do or say.

I’m sure it would be much easier and less painful for everyone if I just became a hermit, and kept my personal interactions to the Internets.

J says he loves the way I feel so intensely about things, but I’m really not so sure. Of course it makes the good things fan-freaking-tastic, but it makes the bad things so, so much worse.

8 thoughts on “Why?

  1. you seem to like being the center of attention and when your not you get all upset and when people tell you how fat and ugly you really are you get upset again seriously you need to get a life and stop fucking everyone else’s life up

  2. maybe this person actually knows you and has no other way to vent maybe this person is chicken shit but if you but a blog out you have to expect this shit and to be honest you do sound like a bit of an attention seeker no offence

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