Drowned Kitten vs. Fat Girl Smoking

On the latest episode of Bones (Season 6, Episode 19) there was a comparison game (I suppose) some new characters were participating in.

The first comparison was Sumari vs. Ninja and who was best, winner being Sumari. …um *cough* I mean samurai, but that’s not important, the next bit is >>>

It was the last comparison that I have… an issue with I suppose. It was which is more depressing and which is more sad, drowned kitten vs. fat girl smoking. They decided that the drowned kitten was saddest and the fat girl smoking was more depressing.

I feel like I should be offended by the “fat girl smoking” reference, but I don’t really know why. It just left me feeling offended and confused.

I did, however, enjoy the cinematography used in this episode, it was quite different and a nice change to previous episodes.

EDIT: I get why a drowned kitten is more sad, what I don’t get is why a fat girl smoking is even an option and why they considered it depressing.

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