The Seemingly Neverending Battle

It was the second day of the second semester for the year today. So far the tally stands at:

Depression/Anxiety – 2
Me – 0

I don’t have any classes scheduled for tomorrow and J made me an appointment to see the doctor on Thursday. I think I need to get my meds increased again. Even the temptation of sexual reward from J didn’t work for me today. I need to finish this week on a draw against D/A. I can’t afford, mentally nor academically, to let these nasty gremlins win.

8 thoughts on “The Seemingly Neverending Battle

  1. *hugs*

    That’s a great pic, too …. sums up how i often feel when my depression rears its ugly head.

    • Every now and then I go through this thought process thinking that I’m not worthy of feeling this way. There’s people out there who are vastly worse off than me.

      Have to remind myself that I have an illness, and that I have actually been through some tough situations.

      Doesn’t help though when [someone]* comes along and says that I’m making a big deal of it, that everyone feels anxious and depressed occasionally. Just because [they’re] unable to admit to [themselves] that [they’re] also has a problem and struggles along, [they] think I should do the same. /rant

      *identity retracted at request

  2. thinking too much gets to be a bugger….I know this only too well. It takes forever sometimes to get the right combination of meds and sometimes its worse for a wee while as you increase the dosage but its worth sticking to it. And some one who is outside of your social-circle to talk to is also very good.For years I refused to see anyone “professional” and was fine on my own (or so I thought) till my personal demons came roaring back and threatening to derail the first good relationship I found my self in. As it turns out its been quite timely finding my therapist (what with earthquakes and near-death heart fails and stress and shit).

    Am here too if you want to talk to a non-professional but someone who’s knows exactly how you feel.

    xx K

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