Really? REALLY!?

So I’m not sure whether to call today (this morning at least) at win or not…

I actually made it to uni today, well in time for my first lecture. Unfortunately, I was at the wrong room. When it became apparent that no one else was coming, I checked the course details online.

Now armed with the correct room number, I arrived with about five minutes to spare. There were a couple of other students milling outside who were also supposed to attended the Political Science/Philosophy lecture. It would seem the room had been double-booked, as there was a Chinese lecture in progress.

Like me, these other students had also not attended the first lecture for Political Science/Philosophy on Tuesday. There had most likely something said about the double-booking then, but nothing had been emailed as confirmation, or to advice the students who had been unable to attend that lecture.

So my first foray into a Level 200 paper is not going as well as expected, but at least I made it on campus today. I’m really looking forward to my History lecture later this afternoon. The paper is titled Revolutions and Revolutionaries, so it should be interesting 🙂

I also have a doctor’s appointment beforehand, hopefully my medication situation will be reevaluated so I can shove the depression and anxiety gremlins back in their little boxes and keep them there.

Wish me luck!

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