Dreams are Strange

I can’t help but see the irony of coming up with this post, after my post about lacking creativity yesterday.

Last night I had the most bizarre dream (though let’s be honest, when is a dream not that bizarre?).

J and I were moving house, except this wasn’t any house that I’ve lived in before.

Our friend Panda was helping, and then inexplicably J went missing. I couldn’t find him anywhere. So Panda and I continued with the packing, when suddenly the house started moving. It would seem it had been put on a truck for transport while we were still inside, without us noticing.

Time passed in a flash, and we were inside the house at the new location. All the pieces of furniture were still in the same position, but the carpet had been removed, exposing the the wooden planking below. The planks were rough and unvarnished, just like you would expect them to be after being under carpet for so many years.

It was then that I realized I was only wearing a nighty, with no underwear, nor pajama pants. Panda’s friend, David, arrived. I have never heard of nor met David before, and he didn’t look like anyone from my conscious life. Blonde, a little tan, and relatively good looking, but otherwise fairly nondescript. I managed to find some underwear, and told David to turn away while I put it on in the most awkward fashion.

David then drove me to university to meet Panda so we could search for J, though I didn’t seem to be particularly concerned that J was missing. This place looked nothing like the actual university, but I knew that was what this place was, just like I knew David had driven me there, though there was no visual of this happening.

The university consisted of one multistory building, I could not tell you exactly how many floors there were. It was surrounded by a bright, luscious green, rolling landscape, with the odd elm tree and flax bush scattered throughout.

Panda and I entered the building, David was no longer a participant in events.

We climbed into the lift, joining two nondescript brunette women in their late teens/early twenties who were already aboard. One of us pressing the button to go up. The lift jolted slowly upwards, increasing to a moderate speed. There were no doors on the front of the lift. We could see the floors as we passed them by, but were unable to get off, not knowing if the lift would further increase in speed if we tried. There was an underlying feeling that the if we were to step out onto a floor as it went by, the lift would crush us against the ceiling, slicing us in half like a guillotine.

The lift continued to move upwards. We soon lost count of the number of floors that went by, though we knew that it was far more than the building appeared to have from the outside. The digital display inside the lift was no help, instead acting like a random number generator.

Panda and I did not talk or seemingly communicate in anyway throughout the journey, even though I knew he was feeling exactly what I was. I knew the other girls in the lift were also feeling the same. The air in the lift was full of an electric silence. None of else felt any fear during this never-ending lift ride. There was more of a general consensus that the whole thing was rather odd, but not worth being particularly worried about. That was the whole overriding mood of the whole dream. A sedated calm. There wasn’t even a hint of being impatient or irritated, such as you would normal expect.

My perspective changed to third person, and the scene faded to black.


I suppose the thing I found most strange about this dream was the lift ride, and the calmness I felt throughout the whole thing. Normally when I dream of lifts, it’s a roller coaster of terror*. So it was a nice change? It’s also strange that I can’t place the events that happened throughout the dream. Apart from seeing Panda over the weekend, and the fact that the nighty I was wearing in the dream was the one that I went to bed in, I can’t figure out exactly what my subconscious was trying to process. It will probably forever be one of life’s mysteries.

*I must point out that while I have dreams that could be classified as “scary”, I don’t think of them as nightmares. They never cause me to wake up in fear, even though I may feel more than a little scared throughout the dream.

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