Are You Like Me?

Do you find the necklines of t-shirts frustratingly tight and uncomfortable? Do you always have to keep pulling them down because they’re just a little too short?

Kill two birds with one stone by grabbing your scissors, fold the t-shirt in half, shoulder to shoulder, slowly and carefully cut a quarter circle/ellipse from the fold at the center out towards the top of the shoulder, and:


NOTE: If you have a print on the t-shirt you would prefer not cutting into, make sure you can see it as you’re cutting, so you don’t end up cutting too low or wide.

T-shirting material is great, no need to hem as it doesn’t fray.

Because the neckline is looser, the whole garment now sits slightly lower. I find this usually takes the t-shirt out of the “always riding up and giving me kidney freeze” zone to something much more comfortable.

Many of my t-shirts now look like this. Just make sure before you do it, that you’re 100% certain you’re not going to need to return the shirt for any reason. Obviously no shop is going to accept any returned garments if they have been altered.

Also wouldn’t recommend this course of action if you don’t like flashing your bra straps about. That’s pretty much a given with your newly widened neckline.

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