Free to Good Home

We need to find somewhere to rehome Pedro.

While he’s awesome with all humans, including children, he is nothing but a giant bully towards Coffee.

It’s not fair on either of them to be in such a stressful situation, and this has been an incredibly hard decision to make.

I have placed an ad on Trade Me with all the details for those interested.

Please spread the word and hopefully someone will be able to adopt Pedro, giving him the happy life he deserves.

And Now Introducing…

Mrs J!!


In case you didn’t already know, J and I got engaged in February 2010, after being together since August 2008. On Tuesday, 10 April 2012 we finally became husband and wife!

And now I begin the HUGE task of letting all the companies I deal with know that my name has changed. I didn’t realise there were so bloody many of them!

If someone could show me how to make a gif out of part of this video, that would be fantastic! If you want to see more photos, you can find them here. More will be added as I get them.

This is Getting Serious

Only four, that’s right, FOUR more days until the wedding!!

Four more days until I become Mrs J!!

It seems not that much time has passed since I asked J to marry me, and yet that was two years ago!! And suddenly the big day is almost upon us!!

I cannot describe the level of excite I’m feeling!! Even all these exclamation marks don’t give it justice!!

It’s all just…