The Continuing University Saga

This morning I received an email from uni confirming my change of enrollment.

Initially I thought that meant everything was confirmed and I was no longer part of the university. I read it again. That’s not what it was saying at all!!

The letter confirmed my withdrawal from the first semester papers, and stated that I was still enrolled in the second semester.

I forwarded the email to J, and after discussing it with him, I rang the university registry office.

Yes, I was still enrolled. My backdated withdrawal acceptance cancelled out the exclusion recommendation. The system had only just caught up with itself. If I had talked to someone after receiving my exclusion letter I would have found this out sooner. But because I didn’t, and I had accepted the exclusion, I had stopped going to class. This means that while I am still enrolled, I’m behind in lectures and haven’t been to the compulsory tutorials.

So I will still be withdrawn from the papers for this semester, as per my request. This gives me about seven months to get ‘my shit together,’ if you will, and if things still are not right after then, we have bigger problems. Providing things go well, as I believe they should, I am now able to attend the School of Social Sciences and Humanities again in 2013.

Now I feel like crying, though I can’t tell whether it is due to happiness or sadness… at least everyone is on the same page

A comedy of errors my life may be
At least it’s not a Greek tragedy
No one died

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