The Adventure is Just Beginning

So yesterday I kinda, sorted, not-really started my first ever attempt at NaNoWriMo like I said I would be doing at the beginning of October.

They always say to write about what you know, so I initially thought I’d take some of my life experiences from my early 20s and use them as inspiration (I have previously written about some of these events here and here).

So I worked out some character names, and jumped in. I struggled to write 700-odd words, and what I had written, I hated. I think maybe because what I was trying to write was too close to reality. I can still be inspired by events, but that doesn’t mean what I’m writing has to be, or even should be, semi-autobiographical.

So I gave up for the day, figuring I’d give it another crack later. Queue 11pm inspiration. An hour later I had a new plot outline, and I was really excited. I really should know by now that my best thinking comes typically at night time, when I’m trying to sleep. I’d been completely uninspired up until that point, so yay đŸ˜€

I think what was stymying me before is that I really wanted to write fantasy. That is my favourite genre to read, and why write something you wouldn’t want to read yourself. But I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to think of any ideas that were actually my own, they’d be too closely influenced by Terry Goodkind and George R R Martin. I’m pretty sure I’m over that fear now.

So now I would like to introduce to you, Matilda Howarth, known as Matti for short.

Matti just broke up with her live-in boyfriend Kieran. She’s a serving girl at Janlea Village Tavern. She’s never been out of the collection of villages which make up Eastgriffin, a region in the country Morwald. And now her life is going to change forever.

Every two hundred years four are born with violet eyes who hold the power to continue, destroy, or do nothing about the magic in the world. Do nothing, and the magic will slowly die. For the past six hundred years, they have done nothing. Magic is dying. Do nothing this time, and it will be dead forever.

Three of the four must come together with the amulets that harness their power and make their choice. First they need to find the amulets, then they need to find each other, before it’s too late.


Because I’m starting over, I have one day less to get to the target of 50,000 words. That makes my daily target 1725. Today I churned out 2072, so I’m starting out ahead, and it took just under 2 and a half hours to do it.

I’m on fire!!

I’ll try to start posting more regularly to keep you all updated with my progress. It’s great to be giving my brain a workout again.

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