This Lady is Amazeballs

Letpretendthisneverhappened3While I writing my previous post, I started thinking about one of the most fabulous books I have read lately: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson. (My edition’s cover is totally better than that one, the font is all kinda squiggly, in a pretty way.)

She is an incredible woman.  I kinda view her as a hero of mine.  And I already thought that before I read her book, having been a follower of her blog for a while now.

The way she writes, it’s exactly how I think in my head.  I’m just not as brilliant when it comes to actually getting it out of my head.  And while I don’t have anywhere near the same level of social anxiety as she does, I totally understand the logic behind the way she reacts the way she does.  Of course, by logic I mean a *special* kind of logic, that other people don’t see as being logical.  And later, when you reflect on what happened, you probably won’t think it’s logical either, but at the time, totally rational way to be acting.

Now I’m looking at that previous paragraph, particularly the last part, wishing that everything I wrote came out as brilliantly what I meant as it does.  More practice needed maybe? Try and try again, until you get the results you want? Wait a minute… isn’t that one of the definitions of insanity?

Ah, I jest. At myself.  But in a good way.  It’s nearly 2.30am as I’m writing this.  (And now it’s quarter to three, because tweaking posts until they’re *perfect* always takes me forever.  I’ll still probably edit it more after it’s posted.  I almost do every. Single. Time). Give me a break. Yay, insomnia! But I actually mean ‘yay’ in a non-sarcastic way for a change.  Weird.  I’m not at all put out at being awake at this hour.  When it’s still 21 degrees outside.  Even though it’s actually only forecast to reach 17 degrees for the whole rest of the day.  You know, once the sun comes up and stuff.  Which usually makes things hotter.

I totally write better during the dark hours.  This is just magic!  But no one else shall see this until the daylight hours.  Let’s see how great this all looks then, eh? Heh.

Thank you, Jenny Lawson.  Nothing like feeling a little bit of solidarity to make the mood feel lighter (even if it is imagined).

PS. After the flack I gave Charlene Harris for her writing style, this whole post is pretty ironic, right?  Welcome to the way my brain works 🙂

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