You Need Only to Follow Yourself

Click to embiggen at original source

Click to embiggen at original source

This is what I need to remember. This is my goal, why I’m still bothering with being a student, what makes it all worth it.

H/T Kate or Die!

I didn’t even know these comics existed until I came across Kate’s post on Tumblr.  It’s definitely being added to my regular reading list.

Original Source: Gavin Aung Than at Zen Pencils


If you’re reading this anywhere but That Girl, Fae or a feed reader without attribution, it has been STOLEN! Who knew that my stuff was that good? ~ Fae

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That Girl, Fae by R Simpson-Large aka Fae Teardrop is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 New Zealand License.

2 thoughts on “You Need Only to Follow Yourself

  1. Reading things like these make me smile, because that is exactly what I did with my life. My career is not one built on making a lot of money, but I LOVE what I do and it makes me happy.

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