Sleepless Nights in Spring

Continuing the sleepless theme started by my previous post, I haven’t been able to get this image out of my head.  Hells knows what it means.

Sleepless Nights in Spring

I actually really want to paint it in house paint of those pigments with the sized paint brush one would use for doing trims around windows etc.  But I don’t have the resources for that right now, so a sketch app on my tablet will just have to do.

UPDATE: Since writing this post/creating whatever this ↑ is and some other ones that will appear in a future post (all created 23 Oct), I actually had a pretty good sleep that night.  How about that.


If you’re reading this anywhere but That Girl, Fae or a feed reader without attribution, it has been STOLEN! Who knew that my stuff was that good? ~ Fae

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