It Makes Me Sad

It makes me sad that the majority of search terms used to come to this site are related to my post about my own personal experience with rape.

I could go into how pervasive rape culture is our everyday lives, but instead I’ll list just five of the many posts out there who word it so much better than I:

Rape Culture. My Culture. – Goodeye McWoowoo

“Roast Busters” ie let me tell you a rape joke – gintearsandcremebrulee

Fuck off, Bob Jones, and everyone else: stop reading the Herald – QoT

Persephone Syndrome – Maggie Mayhem

Risky Business – tallulahspankhead



If you’re reading this anywhere but That Girl, Fae or a feed reader without attribution, it has been STOLEN! Who knew that my stuff was that good? ~ Fae

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