The Lure of the 360

I’m still hanging about, just have had much of my time taken up with Dragon Age II (thanks to J for my birthday), shopping, family gatherings and thinking about doing my set readings for University.

Everything is slowly getting back to normal following the shut down of the university due to the 22 February earthquake, Sociology and History f2f lectures have restarted, and Philosophy has set up lectures via “distance learning”. My Political Science paper doesn’t start back until after the mid-semester break.

And now it’s back to the killing of dragons (and other such evil characters).

HNT: It’s Still Thursday Somewhere Right?

I know I’m a day late, but at least I’m still posting right? 😛

I got distracted yesterday after my birthday present from J arrived in the mail, and he allowed me to open it early (my birthday is actually on Saturday). I only mentioned once that I wanted Dragon Age II, but he remembered!!

Anyways, I thought my cleavage was looking fan-freaking-tastic yesterday, I took a picture and everything, just didn’t get around to posting it.

Better late than never *grin*