Change is Good Right?

Once again I’ve given the ol’ blog a makeover. After all, a change is as good as a holiday, and Jetstar took away my Auckland holiday *pout*

J and I were supposed to travel up to Auckland on 30 June 2011, coming back to Christchurch the following Tuesday. But no, Jetstar had to get all ultra cautious about flying due to an ash cloud caused by the eruption of a volcano in Chile. We all know though that they really cancelled flights because it’s more economical for them not to fly, rather than fly at a lower altitude (allegedly).

We ended up having to spend $64 (the cancellation fee for the motel) for a holiday that never happened. We were going to meet all these awesome people that we had gotten to know and love through Twitter, including Amie and Dee. There was going to be a play party and everything! But now we have to wait until the next uni holidays in September. All I wanted was a couple of days break, some time away from Christchurch and the seemingly never-ending aftershocks (that’s the second time I’ve used that phrase in two posts…), meet some new people, have some fun nights out. That’s not too much to ask is it?

What seemed to annoy J the most about the whole situation was that they had earlier cancelled the morning flights only, taking three more hours to decide that they would actually cancel the flights for the whole day. It was going to be our very first holiday away together as a couple (because going down south to visit his parents does not count).

And then I get this automated email from Jetstar:
I wasn’t impressed. Such is the joy of the automated email process. All the system knew was that I had been booked to go on a flight the previous day, it either didn’t care, or was unaware that that flight never took place.

I’m pretty sure that this anti-holiday contributed to my struggles earlier this week. J has said that we will try to get a weekend away somewhere soon, we just have to wait for the cost of our cancelled flights to be refunded from Jetstar first. Unless, of course, any of you out there would like to donate to our cause?

Speaking of donating to causes, anyone out there have a spare laptop floating around with a decent processor? This HP Mini Notebook that I’m using at the moment is going to make my head explode with frustration I’m sure!!

Everything’s Crazy

You may have noticed that things have been a bit quiet around here as of late.

Things have been getting a bit overwhelming at uni (which may have results in a period of rage and a panic attack yesterday, which J was able to help me through thankfully), which has been made extra intense this semester because of the earthquake back in February. I’m really just not feeling much love for this blog at the moment. My focus is really elsewhere, which just results in a giant writer’s block.

So I’m going to take a break. There may be the odd post when I suddenly get inspired, but that will be it until this semester is over and done with, and things return to some level of normalcy in a couple of weeks.

Feel free to email me or hit me up on Twitter. The details can be found on the What’s This All About page. You could also take a look at the blog roll for other awesome blogs to check out, and of course, there’s the archives which can be found just to your right >>>>>>>>>>>>

I will still be checking both my email and Twitter at least daily, and I will be notified if you make any comments on any posts (which I would really appreciate by the way).

Much love to you all
xx Fae

The Lure of the 360

I’m still hanging about, just have had much of my time taken up with Dragon Age II (thanks to J for my birthday), shopping, family gatherings and thinking about doing my set readings for University.

Everything is slowly getting back to normal following the shut down of the university due to the 22 February earthquake, Sociology and History f2f lectures have restarted, and Philosophy has set up lectures via “distance learning”. My Political Science paper doesn’t start back until after the mid-semester break.

And now it’s back to the killing of dragons (and other such evil characters).

I Missed Half-Nekkid Thursday Again!!

This isn’t a very good start into my joining in a weekly meme…

I’ve only managed to get one post sorted so far. I just keep losing track of the days since the earthquake. It doesn’t help of course that I have been able to attend any classes at Uni since then either. I still don’t know what’s happening with my classes, the campus isn’t able to use over half of its teaching space. At least two of my classes have been changed to the second semester, which means my timetable for the year is completely out the window. Hopefully I’ll be able to work it that I’m still a full-time student so I don’t lose any benefits.

It’s only one week until my birthday!! That that escaped my notice is testament to my levels of distraction.

I shall set myself a reminder for next Thursday’s post and hopefully I’ll be able to get it lodged firmly in my routine.