Tattoo Tribute

Today J and I got tattoos in remembrance of the fatal Christchurch earthquake on 22 February 2011 thanks to Jason Nalder at Epic Ink.

This is my second tattoo.

Kia Kaha is Māori and translates to “Forever Strong”

J’s tattoo is his first, and I get the feeling that he has now caught the tattoo bug πŸ˜›

Half of the costs go to Inked for Christchurch, with these funds going to “Tattoo Artists affected by the Quake to help them rebuild shops, help their families etc,” as well as contributing to funeral costs for Matti Makeekan, an artist who lost his life in the earthquake. Matti was an apprentice at Southern Ink, which is where I got my first tattoo. I never met Matti, but so many people I know did, and he certainly touched their lives.

Kia Kaha everyone, and Bright Blessings. Questions & Answers Part 6 NSFW

A roundup of the latest questions that I have been asked through

Still clearing up the backlog, as I mentioned here and here.

What is your most prized possession that you own?
I don’t really have anything that I rate that highly

Who’s the first person you text on most mornings?
There isn’t a regular person. Wld be J if we ddnt live together

Why did you join twitter?
To chat with like minded people πŸ™‚

i have 9 inches see pic and tell me if you think it would hurt fae

You’re invited a large block party in your neighborhood. Do you avoid the party, attend and stand in the corner, attend and mingle casually with people you’ve met before, or attend and aggressively mingle?
Mingle with those I know

Scrunch or fold?
Fold then scrunch

Do you use electric blankets in winter?
Nope, don’t have one. Just add more blankets

How has twitter improved your life?
More connection to the outside world

blogtv or stickam?
I don’t know either of those

Have you ever had sex with more than one person at the same time? If so, how many?

Have you ever been in a relationship where you thought the person was actually trying to hurt you… where you felt as though they actually resented being with you and being in a relationship with you?
no, but I have been in relationships where I’ve been the one who resented it

What are your feelings on religion?
in theory it’s good…. many paths to the top of the same mountain… just don’t force me to follow your path

Do you have unmet needs? If so, how significant is this issue in your life? Will it motivate you to make drastic changes?
i don’t believe so

What would you choose as your last meal?
at the moment that would be greed pizza from Hell Pizza and the blood cherry chocolate moose

What do you seek / value in a partner?
truth, trust and honesty, open communication

are you one of those “dating”/hookup websites? if so which one(s), and how do you like it? has it worked for you, that is to say have you actually met someone from the website(s)
I met my future husband on OkCupid

how do you feel about the current situation in Egypt? should the rest of the world follow their example, where the impoverished majority seize power from the ruling minority?
the impoverished majority still doesn’t have power, now it’s the military

what are some awesome fonts from!!????
umm.. pass??

If you could erase a single thing from your memory bank, what would it be?
nothing, everything that has happened to me makes me who i am today

If you knew, without a doubt, that you would be dying in one week – what is the one most important thing that you would want people to know about you?
until i’m placed in that sitution, i really don’t know

Nessa says Moooooo mooooooo mooooooooo mooooooo oink moooooo mooooooo moooooooo mooooo I guess you must be a fat lonely cow too for her to send you that message.
ummm ok? at least i’m not a troll

Describe a time when you felt true fear, the kind that washes through your body in a wave.
during the earthquakes and many aftershocks we have had lately, and i wasn’t/am not in any of the most damaged areas

When’s the last time you laughed so hard, you cried?
i can’t remember the last time, it’s been a while

If you had the opportunity to travel anywhere in the universe, and potentially meet aliens, would you take the trip? What would you look forward to most?
yes, would look forward to the knowledge i would gain, i’m such a knowledge geek

What is a memorable sexual first in your life that you won’t mind sharing?
would have to be the first time i was with J, really changed my life

Ask me absolutely anything!

Appropriate Punishment? I Don’t Think So

Police Minister Judith Collins said the actions of looters was akin to “people who rob the dead”.

She expected to see the judiciary throw the book at looters.

“I hope they go to jail for a long time – with a cellmate.”

NZ Herald

Now Collins would probably deny it, but it certainly seems like she’s condoning prison rape with that statement.

Yes looting is a horrible thing that takes advantage of the misfortune of others, as are the numerous scams that are sprouting up to take advantage of people’s generousity for others during this hard time, but no one ever deserves to be raped, no matter what they have done in the past. It concerns me that our Minister of Police doesn’t seem to feel the same way, and even more worryingly, I’m afraid a number of the 27,000 plus people who had signed up on Facebook for “Public Humiliation for the Looters of the 22/2/2011 Earthquake” may agree with her (looks like the page has now been removed).

h/t The Dim-Post

UPDATE: Seems that Idiot/Savant at No Right Turn agrees with me.

Back in Action – & Love is Still Love

In a follow-up to my last post, I bring you the following image:

Why does gender matter in marriage to so many people who actually aren’t at all involved in the coupling in question? We are all human after all, that should be all that matters. Love is love.

J and I have now moved house and got the internet back up and running today. Would have been sooner, but we worked out today that it would seem that the old modem was a casualty of the earthquake (my Wii Fit board fell on it). Most of the unpacking is done (w00t!), though this is only really due to uni being closed due to the Christchurch earthquake. It may be three weeks before J gets back to doing his PhD work. Undergraduates (ie me) will hopefully be getting a restart schedule this coming Monday. To get some sense of normality back will be fantastic!!

Anyways, so I’m back πŸ™‚ I must be honest, and say I am somewhat disappointed that I didn’t get any messages from any of you in my time away…

I should head to bed… getting tired and sorry for myself…

h/t FuckYeahBisexuals