The Daily Transformation

I haven’t been feeling particularly inspired with regards to what to write these past couple of days (hence the lack of posts).

So today we have:

Fae: First Thing in The Morning, After Breakfast:

As you can see, I’m not really a morning person. This is the opposite of J, who is sickeningly über chipper in the morning. This can drive me to distraction somewhat.

(I must note that I didn’t actually have my coffee this morning. I can’t recall what distracted me, but the coffee went cold, and I couldn’t be bothered reheating it.)

And… BOOM!!

It’s like I’m a completely differently person!! I certainly feel like a different person once the transformation is complete.

It’s amazing what adding eyebrows can do for someone’s appearance. I have naturally blonde eyebrows, so I have become quite apt at penciling them on each morning. It also means I always have to make sure I have an eyebrow pencil in my handbag in case I end up staying the night somewhere.

While I generally have pretty average skin with regards to acne etc, I am blessed with it being pretty clear at the moment, and I love my beauty spot and freckles.

So now you know what it’d be like to be on a sleep-over with me 😛

HNT: Now In Orange & Strawberry Flavour

Inspired by the second photo in today’s earlier post, this week’s Half-Nekkid Thursday contribution is actually work safe for a change. Fancy that!

I really like how my eyes look in this photo, and I just had to share them with all of you (and make the picture really, really big!). I’m also enjoying the contrast of my fluorescent pink glasses with my relatively bright newly orange/blonde hair.

If you are in fact disappointed by my surprisingly safe for work contribution this week, I suggest you go take a look at The Other HNT, it will be much more to your liking.


Why did no one tell me about the (now fixed) typos!! You’d think I would have learnt to proofread by now, but apparently not, at least not before I publish