HNT: A Little Gender Bending NSFW

HA!! This post is such a good example of what my life is like, there’s always something somewhat sex-related just waiting to pop up when you least expect it!!

It’s been an exciting day!!

My wedding dress has arrived, and is now safely on its way to my sister’s house where J can’t see it. A number of other clothing items arrived at the same time (I ❤ clothes). Luckily, my sister’s husband arrived with my birthday present shortly after the courier, giving me just enough time to try the dress on.

My birthday present is a beginner crochet guide (yay for wool-related activities!!). Hopefully I’ll be able to complete a small baby blanket in time for the birth of my soon-to-be-sister-in-law’s first baby.

The first exciting delivery of the day was my very first strap-on!! (This is the somewhat NSFW part.)

This is the Vibrating Harness in black and the Echo in Copper from Tantus Inc. The delivery came with some other products which I shall talk about another time 🙂

Just in time for Half-Nekkid Thursday 🙂 Now I just need to find someone to try it out with…

HNT: While The Cat’s Away…

… the mice shall play 🙂

J is currently away in Australia for some PhD related stuff, and today my gorgeous friend Bex came round for a chat and to take some arty semi-nude photos of me.

Seeing how much others appreciate the way your body looks certainly helps with your own self-appreciation 🙂

You can see more in this photo series if you are a member of FetLife by clicking here.

HNT: It’s Getting A Little Cold Down Here…

As we head into cooler weather down here on the underside of the planet, I’ve cranked out my knitting again.

I started some arm warmers last year, and a week or so ago, I finally finished them and thought they’d be a perfect subject for this week’s Half-Nekkid Thursday:

HNT Arm Warmers

I’d just like to note, that these were a complete “make-it-up-as-you-go” job, I didn’t use a pattern, and I’m really stoked with the way they came out 🙂

I originally bought the wool with the intention of only doing the arm warmers and a matching scarf, but the arm warmers didn’t take as much wool as I thought they would, and the scarf is getting really long!! So I decided to make myself a beret, using this pattern. Unfortunately, I must have had the gauge off (probably using the wrong size needles), and it finished huge!!

I ended up having to stitch up some of the ribbed band so it would actually fit on my head. I’ve decided I’m going to attempt it again, this time only casting on 110 stitches to start with, instead of 128. I certainly have more than enough wool left, I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought so much.

I’ll post more pics once I finish the second one, along with pics of the scarf once it finally gets finished 🙂

It only took me a day and a half to complete, and I certainly learnt things along the way, like how to knit with circular needles and how to make a round, how to increase stitches, how to decrease stitches by knitting two together (K2tog), and what an I-cord is and how to make one. Of course, I also learnt what all the crazy looking abbreviations mean. Yay, learning!!

You really should go have a look at the comic I posted when I first got into knitting last year *nods*

HNT: It’s Still Thursday Somewhere Right?

I know I’m a day late, but at least I’m still posting right? 😛

I got distracted yesterday after my birthday present from J arrived in the mail, and he allowed me to open it early (my birthday is actually on Saturday). I only mentioned once that I wanted Dragon Age II, but he remembered!!

Anyways, I thought my cleavage was looking fan-freaking-tastic yesterday, I took a picture and everything, just didn’t get around to posting it.

Better late than never *grin*