Exciting News!!!

So much so that I’m writing another post even though the once scheduled for today has already been published!!

For those of you who don’t know, I left uni way back in July/August after having some anxiety/mania/very nearly running away issues.  The whole situation obviously wasn’t working.

So, since then I’ve just been pottering round, doing a bit of knitting, wool cross-stitch, and a recent foray into crochet.  There’s also been a reasonable amount of time on the ol’ Xbox 360.  Since we also got a dishwasher during this time, I’ve been able to stick to a routine of doing housework (much to J’s delight I’m sure).  Who’d thought having a dishwasher would have such a positive flow-on effect.

Anyway, this obviously wasn’t going to be enough to keep me entertained indefinitely.  I’ve known for a while that I want to be a librarian.  The plan had been to finish my degree, then go on to do the post-grad diploma required.  Since that was not going to happen now, I decided to look into changing my major to Humanities, Information and Library Studies.  This isn’t offered at the University of Canterbury.  So I applied to enrol at the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand, where I’ll be able to complete it via correspondence.  Because this degree is a double major, I won’t be able to cross-credit any of the papers I’ve already done (that’s just the way their system works), but because I already have experience in the humanities area, it means I can get around some of the pre-requisites that are required for certain papers, making it easier to plan what papers I’ll be doing when.  I could have done the single major, but I really wanted to include the humanities/social sciences side of things.  Of course, if J happens to get a job somewhere that isn’t in New Zealand/can’t be done from New Zealand, that’s going to make things a little tricky, but it’s just the way it is for now.  Shouldn’t be an issue in the immediate future.

And this is where I get to the exciting news bit (because that’s the reason you’re here after all).  I got confirmation today that my application has been accepted and I start on 11 November!  (I did get verbal confirmation on Wednesday, but now it’s official.)  Just the one paper at this stage, because that’s all which is on offer in the third trimester for Level 5, and getting back into it slowly is probably a good idea anyway.

It’s all very exciting stuff guys!!



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