Waitangi Day 2013

Seeing as the arguments are the same every year (I didn’t even acknowledge it last year), here’s my post from 2011.  Nothing has changed.

Happy Waitangi Day 2011

Here’s a bingo card which sums it all up nicely (and actually does a way better job than my post does):



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Happy Waitangi Day 2011

As much as I would like to get into the politics over Waitangi Day that are revived every year, I just wouldn’t be able to do it justice today. Late night plus hot day equals really fuzzy head. I shall try to give a brief outline and some links to certain issues instead:

Some history behind Waitangi Day can be found here. More information about the Treaty of Waitangi can be found here.

With Waitangi Day falling on a weekend this year and ANZAC Day coinciding with Easter, there has been some debate as to whether both Waitangi Day and ANZAC Day should be “Monday-ised”. One argument for this is the low number of public holidays we have in New Zealand at only 11, compared to other countries. (Unable to find source for that sorry… someone really should make a chart showing that information.)

Given the controversy with regards to the Treaty, particularly the translation from English into Maori, there has been the suggestion that Matariki (Maori New Year) be used as celebration of the national day instead. There wouldn’t be the tension that is felt now with Waitangi Day and could really be a day of the country coming together as one.