The Crafting Continues

A couple of weeks ago I finished all the squares needed for my granny square afghan.  I wasn’t able to get the yarn needed to complete the joins and border straight away, and I was at a bit of a loss as to what I should do in the meantime.  Doing all of those squares had cleaned out my stash well and good.

So I decided to crochet myself a bag.  Much time was spent searching until I came across this pattern.  One week later, and it was completed!

photo 2

It even has a lining, complete with one pocket for my cell phone and another for my keys and lipbalm.  (I used to scoff at those people who couldn’t sew in a straight line.  Now, after being so out of practice, not so much.)  Luckily the piece of fabric  that’s been hanging out at the bottom of my sewing box for what must be nearly ten years was exactly the right size.

Raspberry Lime Swirl 1

And it’s fastened with some wooden toggles to keep everything safely inside where they belong.

Raspberry Lime Swirl 3

When I buy a bag, I usually make sure it has some kind of external pocket for plasters, various pills, tissues, etc.  Seeing as that isn’t the case with this bag, I’m using this little fella instead (a gift from my mum).


I’ve also completed a crochet hook organizer.  It’s not too flash, but it does the job and now my hooks are tidy and easy to find.

The Hook Case with No Name 2

The Hook Case with No Name

So now I’m about ready to carry on with my afghan.  But first, I’m going to knit up these Victorian Fingerless Gloves.  Because.


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