Project Complete, Now Tell All The People!!

I’m pretty proud of my latest completed knitting project, so I’m telling all the social medias!! (All being here, Facebook, and Twitter.)

Using this Ostrich Plume Shrug pattern, I made this creation:

And this is a close up of the detail:

I cast on an extra 60 stitches to account for the bigger size (making it extra large), and kept all the other measurements the same.

It took me about two weeks to complete, working off and on.

Now I’ve started another version, using this yarn:

It’s composed of 30% cotton and 70% bamboo, which will be perfect for the coming summer months. After I’ve finished this next one, I plan on doing yet another one in yellow, though I may make up my own lace pattern, just to keep things a little different.

As an aside, you can find my marriage equality singlet I’m wearing in the photos here at Mr Vintage. It also comes as a t-shirt, and is still Deal of the Day. Get it at the cheaper price while you still can!

I’m Fat!? I Never Noticed!!

How could I have been so completely blind? Living in my own fantasy world!?

Thanks to, people now have the tools to tell us fatties what we obviously did not already know.

To quote Tallulah from over at The Lady Garden:

Because there’s no such thing as a stigma against fat people, some days, it slips my mind that I am overweight. You see, I don’t ever get random abuse shouted at me on the street. The fact that I can only shop in about 5% of the clothes shops in my city in no way makes me feel like I’ve been corralled off into some paddock where the un-sexy fatties go to pig out and wear unflattering clothes. Buying clothes on the internet, and the extra cost involved, and hit-and-miss nature of it, passes me by. Going on that traditionally “girly” expedition, Shopping, with friends of “normal” sizes, in NO WAY feels like torture. I don’t ever end up buying, like, a $100 scarf, just to feel like “one of the girls”. And I certainly don’t own masses of shoes and scarfs and jewellery, because they’re the Fat Girl’s Consolation.

Read the rest of her post here.

Apparently “most adults do not see a problem in themselves but will see it in somebody else”, but ‘experts’ also say, “you should tell overweight friends or family that they need to slim down.” Do they not see the slight conflict of interest here? Or is it just me?

Ah, concern trolling. Who has not experienced some form of this? They mean no harm of course, they’re ‘just concerned about you.’ Some even go as far to say that you must be suffering from some kind of body dysmorphia, seeing beauty where, you know, it just isn’t there. How dare you be happy with the way you look, or even consider getting upset when you are told that you shouldn’t be.

People have no right to their own ideals on others. This counts for religion, political beliefs (not always separate), preferred hair colouring, music tastes, body type… the list goes on and on.

Why must we always feel the duty to pass judgment on each other?

H/T Tallulah

HNT (on Friday): The Perceptions of Others & Fireworks on the Skin

As a reward for my faithfully readers who are still with me after this quiet period, I give you not one, but TWO Half-Nekkid Thursday contributions:

This is my butt (obviously). It is my most favourite body part. According to my friend Dee, my back isn’t half bad either, though I honestly hadn’t thought of it that way until she had mentioned it. It’s interesting how the perceptions of others can change your own perceptions of yourself.

And here we have the bonus image. I love how cheeky I look in this photo, which is exactly the look I was going for, so yay 😀

Getting back to the perceptions of others influencing your own perceptions of yourself. Lately I have been thinking about my mother’s perception of beauty. Now I want to be clear that this isn’t an attack on her perceptions or opinions, we can’t all have the same idea of beauty, then we wouldn’t be individuals.

Perhaps it was her veiled disgust at my fat rolls that led me to fully embrace fat acceptance and discover the beauty within myself, for myself. How you perceive your own self also influences how others perceive you, it influences the way you carry yourself, how confident you look, the aura you have. Reject the negative and embrace the positive.

There are always going to be people out there who don’t share your view, you just need to take that negative energy and turn it into something positive. Find those who share your positive view and surround yourself with them.

Change is a gradual process, it takes time to erode through the many layers of negative sediment. This is the same in many areas of life, not just body acceptance, but also in accepting your own abilities, your own sexuality. Your own positive change can in turn help others do the same.

Change your stretchmarks, and make them fireworks on your skin!*


*someone @mentioned to me on Twitter that their friend called their stretchmarks ‘fireworks on the skin’, I can’t remember who sorry.

HNT: All Wrapped Up

As I first said I would way back here and mentioned again here, here’s a pic of my completed knitting!!

My second attempt at the purl beret is still pretty big. I think it will look at lot better once my hair has grown (quite) a bit.

So as a tribute to the epic mission that was the completion of the scarf, here is this week’s Half-Nekkid Thursday:

This image is also a tribute to itself really… who knew that getting your other half to take a semi-nude photo could almost result in a domestic! It’s not my fault J couldn’t see exactly how I envisioned the picture inside my head 😛 hehe