Oh I got some mail!

I got some really exciting mail this week 🙂 some actual, physical mail, on my doorstep!

It was the order I made with Erika Moen a couple of weeks ago.

She is/was the author of the most awesome queer comic DAR! A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary, which unfortunately is no longer being updated. But now I have both Volumes 1 and 2 of the books which have the entire collection, YAY!!

I also purchased her really pretty interpretations of Venus with some beautiful tentacles, which has been added to the list of things I need to purchase frames for before I can put them up in their rightful place 🙂

Also purchased her joint work with Lucy Knisley called Drawn to You and some awesome pamphlet versions of GirlFuck: an introduction to girl-on-girl lovin’, I Like Girls, Writing Love Letters to Your Pants, and Paper Stars to Soothe Your Soul (was unable to find links for the last two)

Highly recommend visiting her sites at Etsy and Shopify and of course her LiveJournal

She most certainly has been a queer inspiration for me and helped me deal with my own sexual fluidity