Everything’s Crazy

You may have noticed that things have been a bit quiet around here as of late.

Things have been getting a bit overwhelming at uni (which may have results in a period of rage and a panic attack yesterday, which J was able to help me through thankfully), which has been made extra intense this semester because of the earthquake back in February. I’m really just not feeling much love for this blog at the moment. My focus is really elsewhere, which just results in a giant writer’s block.

So I’m going to take a break. There may be the odd post when I suddenly get inspired, but that will be it until this semester is over and done with, and things return to some level of normalcy in a couple of weeks.

Feel free to email me or hit me up on Twitter. The details can be found on the What’s This All About page. You could also take a look at the blog roll for other awesome blogs to check out, and of course, there’s the archives which can be found just to your right >>>>>>>>>>>>

I will still be checking both my email and Twitter at least daily, and I will be notified if you make any comments on any posts (which I would really appreciate by the way).

Much love to you all
xx Fae