When a Scene Goes Wrong

It can happen to anyone.

I highly recommend everyone who has ever partaken in a scene, or plans to in the future, read this account of a public rope suspension that goes wrong.

Midori has 20 years of experience. The fifth comment at the end of the post is Mistress Tokyo‘s account of what happened (she was the bottom in the scene, and has over a decade of experience). They are both professionals, and that is more telling than anything that this could happen to anyone.

We are only human, and this shows no matter how experienced you are, how many workshops you attend, mistake can still be made, and accidents happen. “We do not ever know how we will react to an event until it happens” (seventh comment on post, Gray Dancer, kink educator).

This situation is not only a hypothetical, not an “if it happens”, but a “when it happens”. The more scenes you do, the bigger chance there is that something will go wrong. We need to become more aware of this possibility, so we can be more prepared when something does go wrong. It doesn’t matter how many times you say “That won’t happen to me”, that’s not a vaccine to prevent it from happening.

Frankly, not being able to admit that there’s the possibility of an accident happening would not make you a safe scene partner. That would be like saying you/your bottom doesn’t need a safeword, or that aftercare is not important.

h/t Kitty, PurrVersatility