The Kink Spectrum Revisited

I first did a post on the kink spectrum back in April 2011. I figured seeing as it has been nearly a year, and I have done two other kink-related posts recently (here and here), I may as well give it another go, this time though I have included another test from, the result of which will follow the two original tests.

My results for The Kink Spectrum Test:


Kink repertoire 79%; 65% mental, 42% polar, and 62% unusual. Previously: Kink repertoire 71%; 64% mental, 79% polar, and 52% unusual.

Explanation of variables (I have highlighted the categories which I fall into, and noted difference to previous result in sea green):

KINK: How broad your kink repertoire is.
If your percentage isn’t as high as you think it should be, keep this in mind: there are people who like kinky things that you don’t like out there, and that may be a useful thing to know. Look for people who have similar overall kinkiness percentages.
– Higher, not by much though.

MENTAL: Mental vs. physical axis.
0-30: you enjoy the physical more than the mental
30-70: you enjoy the physical and mental equally
70-100: you enjoy the mental more than the physical
– Higher (barely), same category.

POLAR: Polar vs. nonpolar axis.
Whether it matters who’s doing it — you or the other person.
0-30: you like it both ways
30-70: your preferences are somewhat directional
70-100: you do one thing, they do another
– Lower, it would seem I now take a more balanced approach.

UNUSUAL: Unusual vs. typical axis.
0-30: you like the usual things
30-70: you do some of both
70-100: you prefer strange stuff
– Higher, still in the same category, but slightly less vanilla.

Within the cornucopia of kink, there are some things that most people, even people who don’t think of themselves as kinky, enjoy. Then there are things that it’s really best to ask first, or you might find yourself staring at a shocked or confused expression on the face of your naked companion. So it’s good to know how typical vs. unusual your preferences are.


My results for The Kink Spectrum Analysis Test:


Blue (450 nm)
You scored 68% self-confidence and 61% bandwidth! Previously: 70% self-confidence and 67% bandwidth.

Comparison with previous results is in magenta.

You scored 64% giving and 31% receiving on oral.
– Decrease in both, 68% giving and 38% receiving.
You scored 78% giving and 100% receiving on anal.
– Slight decrease in giving (89%), and now all for receiving (90%).
You scored 8% giving and 50% receiving on bondage.
– Interestingly preference for giving has not changed (8%), and but desire for receiving has (64%).
You scored 44% giving and 62% receiving on humiliation.
– No change for giving (44%), and confirmation of what I was already suspecting, that I am indeed more interested in receiving (71%).
You scored 28% giving and 67% receiving on pain.
– I’m not so interest in the art pain it would seem, 44% giving and 76% receiving.
You scored 36% dominance and 53% submission.
– More dominant (33%) and less submissive (60%), which is actually the opposite of what I’ve been feeling lately. Go figure. Though I may be confusing my desire for humiliation and degradation with submission.
You scored 71% voyeurism and 58% exhibitionism.
– Same interest in watching (71%), but would like to be watched slightly more (53%).

Besides that, you’re 44% into fetishism (what the? that’s certainly a surprise, 75%) and 88% polysexual (same same same, 88%) (i.e. interested in sex with multiple partners, whether at the same time or not). You’ll probably want a partner who is similar, whether you scored high or low in these categories.

Finally, you scored 39% on autoerotic (this is also an unexpected change, 65%) – a scale that measures your ability and/or willingness to have kinky fun without a partner. It’s not exactly a matching criterion, but it’s good for you if your score is high. Keep it up!


And now we have the new test:

My results for The GIGANTIC Sexual Impurity Test:


The Seeker of Kink
You have 51% Impurity, 37% Experience, 69% Fantasies, and 35% Freakyness!

You have experimented quite a bit in your life, but you long to do more… a lot more. All those taboos are simply begging to be broken… (Yeah, that’s about right.)


And that’s it. Take the tests for yourself, and let me know how you go in the comments below 🙂

“Unusual” Orgasms & Sex

I came across the above postcard will looking through the latest PostSecret, and while I don’t think having orgasms in your sleep is particularly unusual or uncommon (I have been known to have them myself, and I’ve been told others do as well), it got me thinking.

Is there any particular incident that has happened to you and caused orgasm that you think is “weird” or “not normal”? Or something that’s been a turn-on and has got you thinking, “surely I’m the only one who responds this way?” (excluding pedophilia etc of course). Share it here and you may find that it’s not so uncommon after all 🙂 majority of people will be moderated before their comments get approved (because not enough of you have commented before!! 😛 ), so don’t be scared, we’re all friends here 🙂

Sex and orgasms are still really such taboo subjects in many areas of society, which many people get embarrassed talking about or think that it should be something that is hidden, is it any wonder that many of us think some of the things that happen to us are weird and wrong, and they must be only one that it is happening too. I’m talking about plain ol’ vanilla type sex right through to the other end of the spectrum. Just remember Rules 34-36 and 46 of Rules of the Internet:

34. There is porn of it, no exceptions.
35. If no porn is found of it, it will be made.
36. There will always be more fucked up shit than what you just saw.

46. There is furry porn of it. No exceptions.

We need to start a more encompassing and open discourse, if people realize these things they think are “weird” and “not normal” actually are quite common, then maybe it will in turn lead to a more open, happier and well adjusted society? Questions & Answers Part 1 NSFW

Weekly roundup of questions that I have been asked through

Question: Is there a Taboo play you would never consider participating in under any circumstance?

Answer: scat play, poop really doesn’t do anything for me… can’t think of anything else I wouldn’t try though

Question: If you could do anyone, who would you do and why???

Answer: that’s giving me waaaaay too many choices…. I can’t choose with so many choices!!

Question: Why are you such a stuck up bitch?

Answer: why are you afraid to show me who you actually are? if you’re going to insult someone, at least have the balls to show your face

Question: why didn’t you answer the question? its because im too afraid to stand up to you because you scare me.

Answer: i need evidence of me being “stuck-up” before i can answer the question…. that you’re scared of me is more than a little messed up…I don’t know of anyone irl who’s scared of me, they have no reason to be

Ask me absolutely anything, i mean anything 😛