Three Wise Owls

A week ago today, I finally got my owl-themed tattoo:

J was away in Australia still when I got it, and his first response to the photo was, “It’s HUGE”

I love it, and the two hours of pain (particularly near the end), the bruising, and the itchy peeling are totally worth it.

Many thanks to guest artist, Dane Williams, and the all the guys at Epic Ink.

Stronger Than I Think

Gah!! The image link is broken. Sorry folks, pretty sure it’s gone forever. The post still makes general sense though, I just can’t provide the source of the inspiration.

After this post on Monday, I had an interesting conversation with @_HannahTweets_:

Note: You read this from bottom to top, in case you are unfamiliar with Twitter

This got me thinking. One of the issues stemming from my fight with depression is that I care way too much about what others may think of me. Compare this to the way I present myself to the world, and there’s a giant contradiction. I stand staunchly by my beliefs, though not completely blindly, and try to help others become aware of the vast number of social problems that plague this planet. The way I dress, my hair, my piercings and tattoos are all a giant shout out to the world on behalf of my own self identity. Almost begging (for lack of a better word) for others to take notice.

And yet, in my dark and uncertain times I constantly worry about what others must be thinking about me, the anxiety completely taking over. I mean, of course they must be judging me, I don’t really give them much of a choice.

Surprisingly, I almost never worry what others may think of my weight. Is this because I am always seeing other people who are a lot larger than me? Perhaps.

It doesn’t really make sense how I can be confident, while at the same time have this doubt swimming around inside of me. Though this doubt does seem to filter through to my relationships with others. I struggle to make and retain friends. Maybe this is due to the combined effect of both the confidence and the doubt.

Dealing with this strange combination (I think it’s strange, though it’s probably much more common than I realize) is much easier in the wide world of the Internets. There’s a much larger pool of people from which to make contact with, making it more likely to find others who think and feel about things the same way you do. It’s because of the internet that I became aware of my interests in women’s rights, queer rights, human rights, fat acceptance, sex-positivity etc, and it’s through the internet that I was able to find others like me.

I think as I’m getting older, becoming more in tune with my own self, my confidence will out shine the doubt more and more. In the meantime, I’m going to fake it ’til I make it, belief is half the battle after all.

Tattoo Tribute

Today J and I got tattoos in remembrance of the fatal Christchurch earthquake on 22 February 2011 thanks to Jason Nalder at Epic Ink.

This is my second tattoo.

Kia Kaha is Māori and translates to “Forever Strong”

J’s tattoo is his first, and I get the feeling that he has now caught the tattoo bug 😛

Half of the costs go to Inked for Christchurch, with these funds going to “Tattoo Artists affected by the Quake to help them rebuild shops, help their families etc,” as well as contributing to funeral costs for Matti Makeekan, an artist who lost his life in the earthquake. Matti was an apprentice at Southern Ink, which is where I got my first tattoo. I never met Matti, but so many people I know did, and he certainly touched their lives.

Kia Kaha everyone, and Bright Blessings.