Another Addition to my Rebellion Against “The Man”

Got my lip pierced today 🙂 It’s an early birthday present from J.

Just another one part of my fight to be individual and to stand out from the crowd. Like my tattoo I got nearly a year ago:

I know my Mum will hate the piercing, just like she doesn’t really like my tattoo, apart from the colours I had it done in, because they make it more subtle.

Next on my list is another tattoo on my left arm in this design:

This is the word “Spirit” converted into Long Branch Runes. A tribute to my Viking roots.

Another tattoo I am wanting to get is the Tree of Life in the top centre of my back with the Triple Crescent above it in tribute to Goddess Brigid (also known as St Brigid):

The back tattoo at least is a little out of range of my budget at the moment… donations gratefully accepted 😛

Been Taking A Break, Now For An Update

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated.

It’s all been a bit… something… as of late.

So let’s see… near the end of last year I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, believed to have been contracted from the tattoo I got in April earlier in the year. Somehow I managed to deal with that, and the seemingly never-ending aftershocks, and pass all of my papers for that semester with C+’s (w00t!!).

Christmas and New Years proceeded as normal.

Enrolled in an Intro to Law paper for summer school.

Last week J found out for me the final results with regards to the Hepatitis C. The doctor at the Blood Service (J is a very good boy and donates as often as he can) looked into my records and found that my first blood test result was a false positive. So no Hepatitis C for me!! I can now take that off my worry list. J’s blood products will still be quarantined for a couple of months just to be absolutely sure.

I originally applied to enroll for a Bachelor of Laws back in November. Up until a couple of days ago I was still waiting for “award approval”. This was slowing down payment from Studylink for my summer school paper and generally stressing me out. So I decided that I would withdraw my application for law and continue with my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Political Science. I figured with this I can still get into advocacy for women and LGBT, and being arts subjects, it possibly won’t be so intense. I have also heard that the Law School at the university isn’t exactly women friendly or very liberal. The Social Sciences and Humanities School is probably a better, more supportive environment for what I plan to do. So that’s another thing to take off my worry list 😀 I have also withdrawn from the Intro to Law paper, as I no longer have any need for it.

If any of you know of anyone who requires the textbooks The Principles of Legal Method in New Zealand, 2nd Edition, and The New Zealand Legal System: Structures and Processes, 5th Edition, drop me a line either via email or in the comments below. Both books are barely used and I’ll give you a good price 🙂

Now the only thing left on my worry list is the fact that my period is 78 days late. Yes, I’ve taken a test. No, I’m not pregnant. I know that it’s because of a combination of the depo injection i had early last year and my PCOS. If I was still on the pill then I would at least be getting a “period”. I hate not knowing things. I really should go back onto the pill. Ever since I had a BV infection not so long ago, I’ve associated condoms with pain. I know it’s all in my head and that we’re incredibly stupid not to use any contraception at all, but it’s the only way my mind will let any action happen lately.

So there you have it, a somewhat interesting update. J and I are heading down south to visit his parents next week, so hopefully I’ll be back soon after then 🙂

Bright Blessings to you all
xx Fae