Cats Doing What They Do Best

Felt like writing a post. Wasn’t sure what to write (story of my life *cough* NaNoWriMo *cough*).

Scrolled through my Google Reader for a bit, and I came across one of my favourite Tumblrs, and thought, why not finish the short week with some cats:

Cats Being Dicks

And to finish:


There was another .gif but it was broken for some reason when I uploaded it. It’s worth the lols, so here’s the link instead.


The Internets: It’s for cats & porn


Gender & Identity

I already posted about this on my tumblr, but I thought the issue was important enough to post here as well.

Pan Party: To the submitter via email address: (TW: gender erasure)


I’m sorry, I don’t feel comfortable posting your submission as it is.

You’ve kind of mixed up sex and gender, when you talk about being a girl or boy and genitals.

You’ve kind of mixed up gender presentation and gender, when you talk about suits and dresses.

Gender isn’t gender roles, either. And when you say that there’s no such thing as gender, and that gender is a social construct, I understand it’s because you’ve mixed it up with sex and presentation, but you erase people genders and insist they are false.

We all know that genitals, clothes or anything else isn’t gender and doesn’t define gender. But gender is real. You say you’re pansexual, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable in a relationship with someone who didn’t believe my gender existed.

Also, how did you submit via email address?

Totally right, it’s the presentation of gender, what is ‘normal’ and what isn’t, which is a social construct, not gender itself.

People construct their own gender themselves in the way that is true for them, to say that it is constructed by society is to take away a person’s identity, make them less of a person.

Can’t You Feel The Love? Biphobia in The Bisexual Community

I recently came across this post on Tumblr:

I love how everyone thinks that bi sexual spread diesases ummm hello so does every other sexuality out there god damn!! i dont understand and not every single bi sexual is a slut or a whore….there are some normal people out there seriously…i extermely dislike the people who are bi sexual for fun or think guys like it or this bi curious b.s you r or u arent sorry thats just how i feel about it
Submitted by jellybean93
[Note from FYBis: using ‘normal’ to describe a set of individuals may infer that there is something wrong with those who don’t ‘fit in’ that model but regardless of whether you are promiscuous, or not – nobody is the ‘poster child’ for bisexuality’]

There are so many things wrong with this statement by jellybean93… way to spread hate with more hate *thumbs up*

Being bi curious is completely valid, it doesn’t mean that you’re only doing it to please guys or because it’s “fashionable”, it means what it says, that you’re curious and questioning your sexuality. Being judgmental about it is really just another form of biphobia.

Many people have a fluid sexuality that changes throughout their life time. There is no “either you are or you’re not”. That’s the same as saying you’re either straight or gay, something those in the bisexual / pansexual / omnisexual / nonmonosexual community are constantly fighting against. Sexuality is a spectrum, and a person’s place on that spectrum is not fixed. That’s actually one of the reasons I identify as queer, as well as pansexual.

I would also like to point out that being a slut or a whore doesn’t mean that you’re not practicing safe sex, to infer otherwise is just slut shaming. Also, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being slutty or a whore, enjoying consensual, responsible safe sex is what matters, not how many different partners you have, or how often those partners change.

h/t fuckyeahbisexuals