Questions & Answers Part 8

A roundup of the latest questions that I have been asked through

Sadism – nature or nurture?
mainly nature, but you can have instances of nurture

Is there anything you would not do for love, if so, what is it?
kill, I would not kill anyone

If you could own any kind of pet, what would it be?
a ferret, I would love to own a ferret!! But alas, they are illegal in New Zealand

How do you personally define what constitutes as sex?
if you’re performing an act of any kind & you believe it’s sex, then it’s sex, it’s all about intent

Which Star Wars character do you most identify with?
I haven’t watched enough Star Wars movies, or often enough to answer this question

Ever have a near death experience?
thankfully, no

If you were asked how many times you have had sex in your life, what do you think the answer would be?
a huge number, I don’t even know how to guess that

Have you ever had incestuous thoughts before?
no, unless you count having sex with my clone

Would you ever consider opening up your relationship to some physical play with another couple? Would it require all persons to agree and attend at all times? Or could just one partner play with full consent?
I consider our relationship to already be an open one, we have played with other couples before, requires agreement of all parties involved, and one partner can play alone with full consent

If you knew that you would die the next time you had sex, would you remain celibate forever, or have sex that one last time?
I would probably remain celibate, as long as I can still cuddle… that is of course unless it includes masturbation, then I’m totally going to die

What is a Dominant? (A brief definition please. Looking for help to put into words. Thank you.)
Someone who has authority over a submissive, ideally while employing great respect for the others involved so as to not take advantage

What made you smile today?
A satirical letter in the letters to the editor in the newspaper

What is your morning routine?
wake up, have breakfast (which normally consists of a coffee and something else), read the front couple of pages of the paper and the letters to the editor, get dressed/have shower, have a smoke, everything from then on varies

I’m getting sick and tired of people talking about Claire and myself. All I ever hear is how we’re apparently weird, illegal, and gross. I don’t know if I can take it anymore. I think I’m done with formspring. Gonna close it soon. I’d be better off right?
Umm… I don’t know who you or Claire are….

does the carpet match the curtains?
indeed it does

top 3 twitter crushes
@bexielady, @mydesire, and @flexibeast

Want to know something about me, or what I think about something? Ask me here. Questions & Answers Part 7

A roundup of the latest questions that I have been asked through

Back to regular schedule!

You and I wake up in a psychiatric ward together. Using 4 words, what would you say to me? Note: And If you comment, you must copy and ask others, so I may comment on yours as well.. Be a good sport and play along… 4 words isn’t easy
I’ve been asked this same question several times, all of my responses so far follow:
What the fuck happened!!??
Fuck me. You ok?
We meet like this!!??
Again? For fucks sake
This just keep happening!!
Here we are again
Can’t remember a thing!!
Why hello there, you

angry birds? love or hate?
love, I’ve even got plushies of red bird and blue bird – Go visit the shop to buy your own!!

Not a very exciting roundup this week, you can fix that by asking me some questions!! Questions & Answers Part 6 NSFW

A roundup of the latest questions that I have been asked through

Still clearing up the backlog, as I mentioned here and here.

What is your most prized possession that you own?
I don’t really have anything that I rate that highly

Who’s the first person you text on most mornings?
There isn’t a regular person. Wld be J if we ddnt live together

Why did you join twitter?
To chat with like minded people 🙂

i have 9 inches see pic and tell me if you think it would hurt fae

You’re invited a large block party in your neighborhood. Do you avoid the party, attend and stand in the corner, attend and mingle casually with people you’ve met before, or attend and aggressively mingle?
Mingle with those I know

Scrunch or fold?
Fold then scrunch

Do you use electric blankets in winter?
Nope, don’t have one. Just add more blankets

How has twitter improved your life?
More connection to the outside world

blogtv or stickam?
I don’t know either of those

Have you ever had sex with more than one person at the same time? If so, how many?

Have you ever been in a relationship where you thought the person was actually trying to hurt you… where you felt as though they actually resented being with you and being in a relationship with you?
no, but I have been in relationships where I’ve been the one who resented it

What are your feelings on religion?
in theory it’s good…. many paths to the top of the same mountain… just don’t force me to follow your path

Do you have unmet needs? If so, how significant is this issue in your life? Will it motivate you to make drastic changes?
i don’t believe so

What would you choose as your last meal?
at the moment that would be greed pizza from Hell Pizza and the blood cherry chocolate moose

What do you seek / value in a partner?
truth, trust and honesty, open communication

are you one of those “dating”/hookup websites? if so which one(s), and how do you like it? has it worked for you, that is to say have you actually met someone from the website(s)
I met my future husband on OkCupid

how do you feel about the current situation in Egypt? should the rest of the world follow their example, where the impoverished majority seize power from the ruling minority?
the impoverished majority still doesn’t have power, now it’s the military

what are some awesome fonts from!!????
umm.. pass??

If you could erase a single thing from your memory bank, what would it be?
nothing, everything that has happened to me makes me who i am today

If you knew, without a doubt, that you would be dying in one week – what is the one most important thing that you would want people to know about you?
until i’m placed in that sitution, i really don’t know

Nessa says Moooooo mooooooo mooooooooo mooooooo oink moooooo mooooooo moooooooo mooooo I guess you must be a fat lonely cow too for her to send you that message.
ummm ok? at least i’m not a troll

Describe a time when you felt true fear, the kind that washes through your body in a wave.
during the earthquakes and many aftershocks we have had lately, and i wasn’t/am not in any of the most damaged areas

When’s the last time you laughed so hard, you cried?
i can’t remember the last time, it’s been a while

If you had the opportunity to travel anywhere in the universe, and potentially meet aliens, would you take the trip? What would you look forward to most?
yes, would look forward to the knowledge i would gain, i’m such a knowledge geek

What is a memorable sexual first in your life that you won’t mind sharing?
would have to be the first time i was with J, really changed my life

Ask me absolutely anything! Questions & Answers Part 5 NSFW

A roundup of the latest questions that I have been asked through

Still catching up on the backlog, as I previously mentioned here.

If you were a man for the day what would you do?
Sex, lots of sex and just go about everyday stuff, comparing how I get treated to when I’m a woman

Describe me in 5 words
I don’t think I know you well enough to do tht

When it comes to “play-time” Fingers or toys???

when did u last get fucked?
Friday night

What’s something that everyone assumes about you that isn’t true?
Tht I’m a bitch

is there anything you’d consider off limits for a formspring questions?
No, I’m a pretty open book

Do you know about twitcam? twitters new live stream web cam site…

Who do you admire, and why?
April Flores, she’s a beautiful, sexy, confident woman

If you were to see a Broadway show, which would you pick?
I don’t know which shows are currently on broadway

can i eat you out

I have no idea who you are

Who’s the sexiest woman alive?
April Flores of course please!
Thts a bit spammy

whoooo want to fuck with me and who want to suck my dick
Um, not me

who want to suck my dick and who want to fuck
You don’t get points for asking the same question twice

do u think my dick small or big
I haven’t seen it to make that decision

I am a firm believer in using the word “Cunt”. Howdo you react internally to this word. Do you use it?
To me it’s such a harsh, angry word. The worst swear word. But I can see the benefit in claiming it. I only use it as “cunt nugget” as a humorous name, like “dick munch”

Are you going to spend some bedroom time with anyone special this Christmas??
Nothing with no one I wouldn’t normally

When you’re at family gatherings, what are some things you’d love to say or do, but won’t?
Nothing really, I say everything I want to say

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
San Fransico

What has been your favorite sexual experience so far this year?
My sex life getting back on track

What’s your fondest memory from the recent blizzard?
It’s summer here 🙂

What is your favorite punctuation mark?
!? Equally 🙂

Why do you think people have to have boyfriend/ girlfriend relationships? Why can’t it be we’re fuck buddies or lovers or casual sex partners instead?
That depends on the situation whether any of those labels are appropriate. And they are only labels

How many non-spam or automated emails do you get per day?
1 if I’m lucky

Care to grab a bite to eat? If so, where are we going? If not.. you can skip this question.(Money/Time/Space are not issues)
Anywhere for coffee and a chat 🙂

Do you?
Do I what?

do you masterbate and is so how often?
Yes, three or so times per week

Ask me absolutely anything!